1. Introduction to Centering Prayer Retreats/Workshops

A contemporary presentation of the discipline of Centering Prayer as silent communion with God beyond concepts words and images. Suitable for all.

2. Introduction to Lectio Divina Retreats/Workshops

Conferences and practice introducing us to the most traditional way of cultivating a friendship with Christ. Usually a week-end retreat. Suitable for all

3. The “Welcoming” Prayer Workshop

A spiritual practice of “Letting Go” of feelings, emotions, thoughts and body sensations into the present moment during the ordinary routines of daily life.

Prior Centering Prayer experience necessary.

4. Centering Prayer Weekend Retreats

Includes conferences renewing the Method of Centering Prayer as well as looking at the teachings of Thomas Keating. There is a moderate amount of Centering Prayer and silence. Suitable for all

5. Five Day Retreat

Looks at the essentials of the Centering Prayer Method and the beginnings of the teachings of Fr. Thomas Keating. Provides a good basis for the continuing practice of centering Prayer. There is a moderate amount of Centering Prayer in and silence. Suitable for all.

6. Intensive Centering Prayer Retreats

Provides an opportunity to immerse participants in the practice of Centering Prayer as taught by Contemplative Outreach.

The 10 Day Intensive features Parts I, II, III of the “Spiritual Journey” Videotape Series by Fr. Thomas Keating. May be modified from 5 to 10 days. Prior attendance at an Introductory Session and the six-week follow up an advantage. Suggested that this is undertaken when one has at least six months to a year of a regular practice e of Centering Prayer

6. Advanced Centering Prayer Retreats

Provides an opportunity to deepen the practice of Centering Prayer in an atmosphere of silence and community support. The Advanced Intensive usually features Part IV of the “Spiritual Journey” Videotape series by Fr. Thomas Keating. Prior Centering Prayer Retreat experience required, usually a Ten Day Intensive.

7. Post Intensive Centering Prayer Retreats

Provides an opportunity for intensive Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, solitude and silence in community. Prior Centering Prayer Retreat experience necessary, usually a Ten Day Intensive.

8. Heartfulness Retreat

A five day retreat including three hours a day of Centering Prayer for those with eight to ten years’ experience of Centering Prayer.
Fr Thomas looks at the importance of silence and contemplative practice as a means of opening the mind and heart and one’s whole being to God, or the Ultimate Reality.

9. Formation for Contemplative Outreach Service

Provides training and practice in interiorsing and communicating the essential elements of an Introductory Workshop on Centering Prayer, as well as an opportunity to look at our own Centering Prayer practice in light of the Essentials. The Course includes Centering Prayer and presentations by the staff and participants. Pre-requisites are prior attendance at a Ten-Day Intensive Retreat and if possible a post-Intensive Retreat. A regular the daily practice of Centering Prayer plus a study of the Spiritual Journey tapes, parts 1 to 4. or study of the main books by Fr Thomas Keating. A recommendation from a member of Contemplative Outreach UK is also looked for.
January 2001

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