Learn Centering Prayer

Learn Centering Prayer

The method of centering prayer is very simple, and like most things in the spiritual journey that seem simple on the surface, there is a huge depth of knowledge and experience underpinning it. The basic guidelines are outlined here, but by far the best way of learning is to attend an Introductory Day with a trained presenter who can share first-hand experience of the regular, long-term practice of centering prayer.

Introductory Day

Our presenters are happy to teach centering prayer to any group of individuals who are seeking to strengthen and deepen their relationship with God. If you would like to organise an introductory day in your parish, or for your group, get in touch and we’ll help you arrange it. Read more here.

Typical Timetable

10.00 Registration and orientations
10:15 1st Talk: Prayer as Relationship
11:30 2nd Talk: The Method of Centering Prayer
12:00 2-minute stretch break
12:02 Centering Prayer Period
13:30 3rd Talk: Use of the Sacred Word
14:05 2-minute stretch break
14:07 Centering Prayer Period
14:30 Tea Break
15:00 Question and answer session



We have found that we often need support with our Centering Prayer practice. Contemplative Outreach offers on-going formation with follow-up courses, retreats and study. The experience of the prayer seems to be deepened when we pray in a group, and an introductory day is an ideal way to get together with like-minded seekers to form a group or join an existing one. Get in touch to find out more.

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