Centering Prayer

What is Centering Prayer?

Centering Prayer is a method of prayer of silent prayer, which prepares our faculties to receive the gift of contemplative prayer. It is a unique multi-format programme that provides direct training in contemplative practice – as well as a treasury of wisdom from the teachings of Thomas Keating.

We recommend you practice twice a day, for 20 minutes each session.

The Guidelines for Centering Prayer

The Guidelines are simple:

  1. Choose a sacred word of one or two syllables as the symbol of your intention to consent to God’s presence and action within.
  2. Sitting comfortably and with eyes closed, settle briefly and silently introduce the sacred word as the symbol of your consent to God’s presence and action within.
  3. When engaged with your thoughts*, return ever-so gently to the sacred word.
  4. At the end of the prayer period, remain in silence with eyes closed for a couple of minutes.

*thoughts include body sensations, feelings, images, and reflections.

Monk at prayer

Group Practice

We’ve found that regular practice with a group enhances and deepens our practice of Centering Prayer. Get in touch with us to organise an introductory day in your parish and we’ll encourage and support you while you form a local group.

The Discipline of Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is a discipline and a relationship with God. We find the benefits slowly accrue in our lives – you won’t always feel them immediately during your practice. Regular practice, both individually and with your group, will soon begin to manifest in your life in all sorts of ways. Sometimes you’ll be plagued by distractions during Centering Prayer, other times you’ll be completely serene and experience the deep peace only God can give you. Keep going! Let us know your experience and read about how others are finding their practice here.

Get in touch with us today to start your journey.