June 2018

In September this year in a message to the Conference in Denver, Colorado, USA, Fr. Thomas Keating stressed the importance of the Intensive Retreat for those wishing to gain a firm foundation for the growth of a Centering Prayer practise. The UK Intensive Retreat will be in June. See below for details.

Please book early, places already being booked up for this Retreat. Numbers are limited!

Date: JUNE 11th to 20th June 2018
Event: Nine Day Intensive Retreat
Venue: Our Lady & St. Bernard’s Monastery, Stroud, Gloucester.
Info: For those who have been practicing Centering Prayer for a year or more. Thomas Keating in his DVDs guides the listener towards an understanding of the contemplative dimension of the Gospel and its extraordinary implications and applications for personal freedom and global peace.


Cost: Includes all meals, accommodation in single rooms: £420.00

Unfortunately this Retreat has now had to be cancelled

July 2018

Event: Introductory Day
Date: Saturday 7th July
Whirlow Spirituality Centre, Whirlow Grange Drive, Sheffield
Contact: Michael Taylor

August / September 2018

Event: How we really are?
Date: Fri. 31st Aug. to Sun 2rd Sept.
Venue: St Mary and St Bernard’s Monastery, Stroud
Info: The false self will adapt to any situation, even the spiritual, This retreat
will look at how it is formed and what we can do to dismantle it. The R etreat will alsolook at the Welcome Prayer. The Welcoming Prayer helps to dismantle the
emotional programs of the false-self  system and to heal the wounds of a lifetime by addressing themwhere they are stored – in the body.

Cost: £120 included full accommodation in single rooms.


Introductory Days will be announced as they are arranged. If you would like to hold an Introductory Day please contact E.M. Smith at

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